It's a family story...

Our hostel was born out of our passion for Lausanne and for sharing it with our guests... 🎁

The mini pitch 📢

The Lausanne Guesthouse is known as a charming budget hostel with city centre location, great standards and friendly local staff (hard-working, too).

We are 100% dedicated to Lausanne and area. Oh, and eco friendly! Our guests are pretty diverse since we offer private rooms, family rooms and dorms.

16 years in the business, time flies! ⏳

Our adventure started even more than 16 years ago, but that’s a whole other story… You just need to know that it was us, the Elmiger brothers & sister who started the company from scratch. Cool thing is: we’ve been pretty successful at it, while staying authentic and sustainable. That’s no easy task for sure, but it’s an exciting ride.

Forget the big cold and impersonal hotel chain. Here, you’ll find a very local place to stay. Very, very few could claim they know, share and love Lausanne (and area) as much as we do.

Plus, we focus on our one unique hotel, so expect to be treated with care and attention… 🙂

Since we started, the core idea of our company has remained, but we’ve been through many different stages! And today, we are proud to announce our next step: we are moving to a whole new building in 2018. It’ll be even more at the city centre, with higher standards and all freshly renovated! Exciting right? Read about it here.

Thanks for reading this far,
hope you'll enjoy your stay with us!

Anne-Marie Elmiger & the whole team 🇨🇭

This is us having a good time outside 🐵